Aging-In-Place Kitchen Renovation

Aging-In-Place Kitchen RenovationIf you are thinking about a kitchen renovation project, you know that the decisions you make need to suit your family for several years. Most of us would prefer to stay in our homes as long as possible. So it makes sense to incorporate an aging-in-place kitchen strategy into the plan. Doing so will make your kitchen more functional in the future. An aging-in-place kitchen will also be more attractive to potential buyers who need similar amenities.

When to Make Changes for Aging in Place

The best time to update your home to accommodate changes for aging-in-place is before you really need them. You can incorporate elements in your renovation that will keep this space a safe one. It’s an important consideration, since the kitchen is a natural gathering place and the heart of the home.

Is the Kitchen Easily Accessible?

Ideally, the kitchen should be located on the main floor of the home. If the house isn’t laid out in this way, consider adding a new room for an accessible kitchen.


When selecting flooring for a kitchen, look for more than just durability. Avoid flooring that is highly polished; instead choose one with a slip-resistant finish.

Counters and Cabinets

Install the upper cabinets slightly lower than conventional height to make them easier to reach (approximately three inches). Pull-down shelving is another option for keeping the kitchen accessible. Base cabinets should be outfitted with pull-out drawers or a lazy-susan. Open shelving or glass-front cabinet doors make frequently-used items easy to find. D-shaped handles are easier to grab than knob-style pulls.

Sink and Faucet

Install a shallow sink (six inches deep) and keep space underneath the sink free to accommodate a chair or a wheelchair, if required. Install a hands-free faucet, and mount it at the side of the sink for ease of access. Another alternative would be to install pedal-controlled handles at the sink.


There are options available for aging-in-place when it comes to appliances. Consider a wall oven and a microwave installed at counter height or mounted into the wall.

A side by side refrigerator or a style with the freezer at the bottom minimizes bending. Look for one with clear plastic bins to make seeing the interior contents easier.

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Aging-In-Place Kitchens

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