Home Paint Color Consultation in Snohomish

color consultationHome improvement television shows usually compare ‘Before’ and ‘After’ images of remodeled homes. The color changes are a very big part of what makes the differences so impressive. They demonstrate what can be accomplished when color, layout and style come together perfectly.

But not everyone feels confident to create a look for their interior remodeling project that will be attractive, functional, and stand the test of time regarding color.

Expert Color Consultation Service

Like the clothes we wear, home interior and exterior color fashions change over time. But unlike the relative ease and lack of expense involved in changing clothing styles, a remodel fashion mistake can be expensive and long lasting. Don’t make remodeling color decisions based on what’s ‘in’ for just a season. Our color consultation service involves more than simply choosing a color off a paint chip. SweetHOME! Snohomish helps you make timeless, lasting color decisions for your home, selecting tones that bring out the beauty in your flooring, cabinets and fixtures for a fully coordinated look.

Layout Assistance For Your Remodel

color consultationIf you’ve lived in your home for some time, it can be difficult to picture the space configured differently. It takes a lot of personal flexibility to change the layout in your kitchen or bathroom. So sometimes homeowners need help ‘seeing it’ before it becomes a reality. Our layout consultation service can help.

  • Moving kitchen appliance locations
  • Adding an island for additional seating or counter space
  • Turning an existing window into a patio door for more natural light and ease of access to backyard or patio areas
  • Considering a walk-in shower instead of a bathtub
  • If a bathtub is a must, positioning it to save space

The Products for the Right Style

color consultationWhat style do you want to create when choosing products for your home renovation? If you’re living in a century home, you’ll probably want to honor its original ‘bones.’ For late 20th century homes, style options could include more sleek finishes, bleached wood, and brass and chrome accents. SweetHOME! Snohomish only recommends products we’d use in our own homes, and only manufacturers who stand behind their products.

Contact us to schedule your personal paint color consultation, or to discuss an exterior renovation or condominium remodel project.

Complete Your Renovation Project with Color Consultation

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