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interior remodelingHomeowners, you can save big money renovating your existing property instead of moving to another home. Interior remodeling usually makes more sense from a practical and financial point of view. Whether you want to add space to your home or update an existing room, SweetHOME! Snohomish Renovation can make it happen.

Well Thought-Out Room Additions

Does your home currently have enough space to suit your needs? Talk with us about a room addition that makes sense for you. Adding a bedroom, family room, office or master suite (bedroom and full bath) to your home are great ways to give yourself more living space without the hassle of selling, buying and moving to another home. We’re room addition experts, and we’ve got lots of ideas and experience to share. We can help you avoid common mistakes so you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to adding a room or rooms to your home.

Bathroom Additions – Add Function & Value

Adding a new bathroom on the main floor, building a new master suite with ensuite bathroom, or freshening up an existing bathroom are all right up our alley. Add function and increase the value of your home with a bathroom addition or remodel.

Increase Room Size with a ‘Bump-Out’

A ‘bump-out’ can give you a surprising amount of additional space without adding a full new room. Convert a main floor half-bath into a full bath; add a sun room onto your family room; or bump out your dining area to make your home more functional and increase its value.

Garage Conversions That Make Sense

Consider converting the space above your garage to a studio. Or make it an apartment to use as guest or caregiver accommodations, or to generate rental income. How about converting the garage into a family room and build a carport in front of it? We’ve done all kinds of garage conversions, and can bring experience to help you get the most out of yours. SweetHOME! Snohomish Renovations’ team of experienced builders works hard to ensure a positive experience at every stage of your addition project. We listen carefully then dedicate ourselves to helping you, our client, achieve your vision for your interior remodel.

Beautiful & Functional Kitchens & Bathroom Remodeling

interior remodelingIs your kitchen tired? Has the shine and functionality of its 1990s remodel worn off? SweetHOME! Snohomish can help no matter what you need to achieve with your kitchen remodel. Our consultation services give you options when selecting a layout for your a new kitchen or bathroom, and we can provide expert advice on color and style.

Aging In Place

None of us wants to think about our future mobility challenges while we’re still “Doin’ great!” But, let’s face it, time keeps marching on. Many of us also want to be able to care for our dearest loved ones in the comfort and convenience of our homes. Some consideration, now, to potential future challenges, will go a long way to allowing us to stay in our homes in our later years or care for our aged family members in theirs. Baby Boomers are rolling headlong into their Mid-to-Senior years. They’ve lived independently for a lot of years and want to continue to do so. With that in mind, let us help you consider long term safety and mobility when planning your home remodel.

Contact us if you have an interior remodeling project in mind. We’ll show you why so many other Snohomish area residents have trusted their interior home remodel to us.  We’re also exterior remodeling and condominium remodeling experts.

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